Red balloon2
a red balloon
Ability: Floating and granting points
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Balloons are interactive objects in Hoop and Pop.


Balloons are oval shaped with a small circle at the bottom of them. They come in the colours red, bright green, blue, and yellow.

Game informationEdit

Balloons appear on level 1 of the air cup. They slowly float up from the bottom of the screen till they disappear at the top of the screen. To pop them the player must get two or more balloons in a circle. Balloons grant points in the hundreds and will go up in points depending on the number of balloons circled for example: two blue balloons are circled and both grant 200 points.



  • Balloons are all the same size in Hoop and Pop yet, on the menu, they appear in different sizes.