Bamboo at morn1Bamboo at night
Bamboo as it appears in the morning (left) and bamboo as it appears at night (right)
Ability: Allowing Red Panda to reach higher areas
Game(s): Double Panda

Bamboo is a interactive object in the game Double Panda.


Bamboo, as it appears in the morning, appears rugged and is mixture of light and dark shades of green. In random places on bamboo are small leaves that are light and dark shades of green and are partly dark blue.

In contrast to how bamboo appears in the day, bamboo at night is the same shape as it is in the day except it has dark blue, light blue, and whiteish blue stripes on it. The leaves are also coloured differently as they are light and dark shades of dark blue purple parts to them.

Game informationEdit

Bamboo first appears on level 2 and can only be climbed by Red Panda. To climb bamboo, the player must place Red Panda right below it and press the up arrow key to climb and the left or right arrow keys to spring from it onto a nearby platform which bamboo is often found near.


  • The fact that Red Panda can climb bamboo and Giant Panda can't is probably because Giant Panda appears to weigh more since Giant Panda crushes enemies with his weight while Red Panda can only bounce off them.