Big rotten egg
Big rotten egg
Attack: Freezing the Easter Bunny and tossing rotten eggs at the chicks
Health: 1 hit after destroying all orbs around it
Points: 900
Introduced in: Level 10
Game(s): Egg Blast

Big rotten egg is a boss the game Egg Blast.


The big rotten egg is black with two white eyes fixed in a angry stare. The boss sits in a aircraft that has its top half covered with glass.

The lower half of the space ship is grey and has three thrusters below it. The aircraft is surround by grey orbs that have a blue water droplet on one orb and a orange flame on the other.

Game informationEdit

The big rotten egg only appears on level 10 and it will toss out balls of ice to freeze the Easter Bunny. Along with ending out balls of ice, the big rotten egg also send out smaller rotten eggs to attack the chicks.

The orbs surrounding the boss can be destroyed by Blue eggs or Red eggs depending on the icon. The boss, unless the all orbs have been destroyed, cannot be hurt by any eggs Once all orbs are destroyed, one hit from any egg will destroyed the boss and grant the player 900 points.