Grassy blocks
a grassy block
Ability: Serve as platforms or barriers depending on level.
Game(s): Mimelet

Blocks are interactive objects first introduced in level one of Mimelet. There are five different variations that are seen throughout the game.


Grass blocks are light green and have ivy drooping over them. All other blocks are either orange, brown, pink, or grey and are square-shaped.

Game informationEdit

Grass blocksEdit

Grass blocks can be walked on when Mimelet gets the leaf power. They first appear on level one and appear in most level in ones and twos. Often, plant bulbs are near grass blocks.

Pink blocksEdit

Pink blocks are often barriers to Mimelet's path. These blocks can be destroyed by Mimelet getting the fire power and ramming into them. Dragons will often appear near pink blocks.

Orange blocksEdit

Orange blocks are often placed in walls or floors. Once Mimelt has got the electric power, he can pass through orange blocks. When Mimelet touches a orange block he will go through it and appear on the other end of the orange blocks. Often, lightning sparks are found very near orange blocks.

Brown blocksEdit

Brown blocks are often put over gaps or over a entrance in walls. Once Mimelet gets the stone power he can destroy brown blocks. To destroy brown blocks Mimelet must either jump and land on them or stay on one a long time. Walking rocks are often found near brown blocks.

Grey blocksEdit

Grey blocks do nothing special and cannot be destroyed. They are mostly used as platforms and often have fruit on top of themselves. They sometimes appear next to enemies as to stop them from wandering around. Unlike most blocks, grey blocks do range in size.