• Takeshi64

    Bought it!

    February 8, 2013 by Takeshi64

    Literally just got it a couple seconds ago. RSK, GC, if you're still around, if you want me to add info, I can.

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Hello Neutrons, it's been a while, well ,I found something on Neutronized's userpage on Kongregate. If you look at the second comment, that links to a video and says that there was a game just like Sky Island called "CRUSH 3D" I also discovered the it was a remake of the game CRUSH which was released on 2007. Sky Island was released on 2011. So, what do you think?

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  • Someonethatyouprobablydontknow

    Hi Neutrons (is that what they call them ?)

    Today i cant post on the nitrome wiki or the ghibli Wiki


    Did you guys read the neutronized blog cause they gave out to us and but a link to the wiki


    THey should give out shouts to specific people (e.g. ME)

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  • Someonethatyouprobablydontknow

    Hello peoples,(although i cant think how many people on on this wiki)

    I am new here but i am willing to put in endless hours making this a great wiki, I do speak english and that is not a typo, i just like to say peoples or persons.

    Today i just want to ask ( if i may no get replies) what you think the hardest game on neut is. I finish most of them quite easily but i found hoop and pop quite hard to get the controls of.

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