Blue squirrel
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health 3 Lives
Level All
Game(s) Dream Tower

The blue squirrel is the main character in Dream Tower.


The blue squirrel has a round blue body with white cheeks, small arms, and legs. His ears have red insides and he has a furry tail with white on the end. His eyes are black and his mouth is as well and his fur is blue with patches of white fur.

Game informationEdit

The blue squirrel can move by pressing the right or left arrow keys. He jumps by pressing the up arrow key and double jumps by pressing the up arrow key two times. He can dash right or left by pressing their respective keys two times. The blue squirrel can kill enemies by jumping on their heads and he can go through doors. Losing all three hearts will kill the blue squirrel and the player will have to restart the level, if they wish to continue the game.


The blue squirrel also has a useful skill which is known as ground pounding. To ground pound the player must press the up arrow key to jump, then while in the air press the down arrow key. Ground pounding is useful as bulls and shield enemies can only be destroyed by using the ground pound.

Another useful skill the blue squirrel has is the ability to grab ledges allowing him to jump to safety. If the blue squirrel touches a enemy or hazard, he will lose one of his three hearts.