Red haired boy
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health 3 Lives
Level All
Game(s) Graveyard Maniacs, Zombie Goes Up

The boy is the main character in Graveyard Maniacs.


The boy wears jeans and a white shirt. He has pink skin, red hair, black eyes, and a black mouth. Lastly, the boy's eyes are covered by light blue glasses.

Game informationEdit

The boy can move left, right, down, or up by pressing the left, right, up, or down arrow keys. He can push pumpkins by walking up to one and pressing the space bar. If hit by any enemy, the boy will instantly die then respawn in the same area he got killed.

As it turns out by eating all the candies dropped by the enemies in the graveyard, he is sick and is probably having his teeth pulled out. He also makes a brief cameo in the ending for the game Zombie Goes Up where he is seen standing in a graveyard watching Zombies come up out of the ground.