Chef ghost
Attack: Throwing frying pans and dropping bottles
Points: 1200
Introduced in: Level 6
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

The chef ghost the first boss encountered in Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


The chef ghost has a teardrop-shaped body, surrounded by a pale red glow. His two hands are small and round. Facial features include two vertical lines for eyes, a mustache and a mouth just visible underneath it. All these and the chef's hat, with three curled bumps, are coloured in a darker shade of red.

Battle phasesEdit

In kitchenEdit

Upon starting the level, the chef ghost becomes aware that the owner is present in the room. He searches through his kitchen for frying pans and begins throwing them at the owner. During this phase, the player cannot vacuum the ghost, so all pans thrown at the owner must be dodged. The rate of pans being thrown becomes more continuous as the level progresses. Once the chef ghost runs out of pans to throw, he then comes out from the kitchen to launch another attack at the owner.

Bottle throwingEdit

When out of the kitchen, the chef ghost makes his way to the center of the room, where the boar head decoration is. With two shelves on either side of the wall hanging, he takes bottles and throws them at the player. Because he is out in the open, the player now has an opportunity to suck it in with the owner's equipped vacuum cleaner.


In his kitchen, the chef ghost first attacks by throwing frying pans that travel in a parabolic arc towards the position where the owner is standing. As the player dodges the pans thrown by the chef ghost, the frequency of the pans being thrown increases. After he has thrown his third continuous stream of pans, he comes out of his kitchen to start dropping bottles on the owner.


Since the chef ghost throws pans based on the owner's previous location, the owner should move out of the way once a pan has been thrown. As the stream of pans becomes more continuous, the player is forced to keep moving around so that the pans do not hit the owner. Pointing the vacuum cleaner in the direction of travel allows the player to move the owner at a faster pace.

After all pans are dodged, the chef ghost comes out of his kitchen to attack the owner with bottles. As the bottles are being thrown, the player should pace back and forth within the gap below the two bottle shelves while activating the vacuum cleaner. This will help the player stay at close range to get a hold of the chef ghost. Once the ghost is sucked in to the owner's yellow backpack, the level is complete and 1200 points are added to the player's score.