Clock pickup
Ability: Granting 20 extra seconds
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Clock pickup are pickups in the game Hoop and Pop.


Like all pickups, clock pickups float is a blue bubble.The clocks themselves are green round and appear to look like a stopwatch as they have a button sticking out of the top of them. Their middles are completely white and they have two arms always pointing to 12 o'clock and the smaller arm to 3 o'clock.

Game informationEdit

Clock pickups grant 20 extra seconds of time making them a very useful pickup. Sometimes the clock pickup will appear just as the last few second of time is going to run out for the player. Because of that they are often a great help in Survival mode. Clock pickups can be activated by circling them with on or more objects and they grant the same number as points normal objects do. Clock pickups can always appear in any level but sometimes they will not appear.