Dark Orbs Mimelet
Attack: Fires dark orbs
Abilities: Teleports
Health: 3 hits
Introduced in: Level 20
Game(s): Mimelet

The Dark Orbs Mimelet is the final enemy and boss that the player faces in Mimelet.


Dark Orbs Mimelet has two legs, two arms, and a stubby extension on the top of its heads. The boss' body and stubby extension is dark purple and it has light purple lips and two black eyes constantly fixed in an angry expression. Floating over the stubby extension is a shiny pink eye that has a purple cat-like pupil.



The boss battle phase begins.

Pre-Battle PhaseEdit

Before the boss battle begins, Mimelet is enclosed in an area with four platforms elevated at different levels. A sign is seen warning the player to avoid dark orbs. Shortly afterwards, the Dark Orbs Mimelet will appear, shooting dark orbs at Mimelet , if you get hit you will lose a live .

Battle PhaseEdit

After appearing on one of the platforms through teleportation, the Dark Orbs Mimelet will fire a dark orb towards Mimelet's direction. This is generated from the eye at the top of its head and thrust towards Mimelet with his hands. Once the orb is fired, he will then disappear.

This will continue for the duration of the game, until Mimelet defeats the boss. Usually, the Dark Orbs Mimelet will try to teleport to areas that are farthest from Mimelet's current position.


To defeat the Dark Orbs Mimelet, the player must have Mimelet jump on the boss' head. This must be done before the Dark Orbs Mimelet can shoot a dark orb, since it disappears promptly after doing so. Since he tries to teleport to areas farthest away from Mimelet, it is best for the player to remain on the middle platforms. That way, they can be better prepared for his next position.

After successfully jumping on the Dark Orbs Mimelet's head three times, it will disappear and the simulated sound of an explosion can be heard. The end screen will come up, automatically submitting the player's score.


  • This is the only enemy in Mimelet that doesn't give Mimelet its ability when killed.