Red jewle2
A red diamond
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Diamonds are an interactive object in Hoop and Pop.


Diamonds come in many colours and different forms. The blue variation of the gem is square and looks like the top of a diamond. The red variation is a rectangular and shines.

The purple variation has a upside down triangle base with a top that slopes up. The yellow variation is a square but is turned to become diamond shaped. The last variation is green and is also diamond shaped but is longer and has more sides.

Game informationEdit

Diamonds only appear in survival mode of Hoop and Pop. Diamonds will come out from any corners of the screen at a fast rate and float off in another direction. Because of this, diamons may sometimes overlap each other. To pop diamonds the player must draw a circle around two diamonds of the same colour. The diamonds will give points depending on how many are circled for example: seven blue gems are circled and each give 700 points.



  • On the menu screen, a large green diamond that is shaped like a purple gem appears; making gems the only object in Hoop and Pop that has a object variations that doesn't appear in the game.