For the dinosaurs from Roar Rampage iOS, see Dinosaurs (Roar Rampage iOS).
Dinoquake-orangedinosaur Dinoquake-greendinosaur
A orange and green dinosaur
Gender unknown
Faction Good
Health 1 hit (per life)
Level all
Game(s) Dino Quake

Dinosaurs are the main characters in the game Dino Quake.


The Dinosaurs come in two colours orange and green. The orange on has a two orange legs with white toenails and a tan belly. It also has a orange tail, arms with white finger nails, and black eyes. On it's face it has a single white tooth poking out of it's mouth and red scales on it's forehead. The green dinosaur looks the same way except it is green and has a darker shade of green scales on it's forehead.

Game InformationEdit

The orange dinosaur moves with the right and left arrow keys and jump with the up arrow key. It can also pass through floors by pressing the down arrow key and make earthquakes to destroy enemies by pressing the space bar (or enter in two player mode). The green dinosaur will move with a and d and jump with w or go down with s. To make earthquakes the green dinosaur will use the space bar. At the end of the game the orange dinosaur is seen gathering enough fruit to make fruit salads.