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Dream Tower is a platform game released on August 28, 2010. The player controls a blue squirrel navigating around the outside of a tall tower.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys - Move
    • Tap one key twice and hold for a faster run
  • Up.png Up arrow key - Jump, go through doors
    • Tap up key twice for a double jump
  • Down.png Down - Perform a ground pound while in the air.


Dream Tower has twenty levels.


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Second eneding

The ending depicts the blue squirrel on top of the tower looking at the moon with a yellow star beside him. White stars can be seen beside the moon as well as several tiny towers. In version three of Dream tower a banner can be seen saying "Well done! You've defeated the dark kingdom and saved all your friends!


If the main character touches an enemy, a heart will be lost. There are two ways of killing all enemies the first being to jump on top of enemies. The second is ground pounding, which kills an enemy instantly.

  • Normal dark enemies: these walk aback and fourth across platforms. To kill them the main character must jump on their heads.
  • Shielded dark enemies: These have a shield on top of them and will walk back and fourth across platforms. To destroy them the main character must either jump twice on their heads or ground pound once on them.
  • Shield enemies: These walk back and fourth and the only way to destroy them is to ground pound on their heads.
  • Jumping blue enemy: these will jump back and fourth across platforms. Jumping on top of their heads will kill them.
  • Fire breathing creatures: these walk back and fourth across platforms. After a certain amount of time has gone by they will spew flames witch can take away one heart from the main character. Jumping on top of the head of these enemies will kill them.
  • Bull: Bulls will run back and fourth across platforms. To destroy them the main character must ground pound on them.
  • Magicians: These enemies only appear in version three of Dream Tower. They will disappear if the main character is on a platform near them. After passing them they will disappear and then the main character can jump on their heads to kill them.


  • Squirrels- they are trapped in cages that need to be ground pounded on. Once they are set free they grant 500 points.
  • Pickups: are scattered around levels and will grant at certain amount of points when touched.

Interactive objectsEdit

  • Fans: Stepping on top of one will send the main character into the air and allow him to reach new platforms.
  • Doors: To go through one the player must put the main character in front of it then press the up arrow key. Going through one will transport the main character to it's twin.
  • Cannons: To get into one the player must go on top of one and press the down arrow key. The main character will then be shot up into the air.


  • Spikes: these often appear in groups and on random places of platforms. Touching on will result in a heart being taken away from the main character.