Drill snowball
Drill snowball
Attack: Drilling underground, throwing fireballs
Health: Several hits from the penguin's snowballs
Introduced in: level 8
Game(s): Snow Tale

The drill snowball is the first boss encountered in the game Snow Tale.


The drill boss is shaped like a blue snowball. The boss sits in a contraption that has several wheels at its base. The wheels are attached to two yellow half circles that are placed on either side of a glass orb that the boss is in. On the top half of the yellow half circle is a large drill.

Game informationEdit

Drill snowball appears at the end of level 8 where he comes out of the ground with two drills by his side. Those drills will (if no blue tiles are around) stay in one place a few feet away from the boss. If blue tiles are present the drills will move across the floor. The boss itself is stationary and only switches position depending on how much time has past. To destroy the boss, the player must hit the glass orb he is in.


This boss will come up from underneath player and if the player is touched by the boss or it's drills one heart will be lost. On certain times when the blue tiles appear the boss makes its drills move back and fourth across the ground.