Easter Bunny
Gender Unknown
Faction Good
Health None
Level All
Game(s) Egg Blast

The Easter Bunny is the main character in Egg Blast.


The Easter Bunny has light blue fur and black eyes. It has a pink triangle for a nose and posses hands, arms, and feet. It has long ears with pink insides on top of its head and lastly it has a bobbed tail.

Game informationEdit

The Easter Bunny can move by pressing the right and left arrow keys and jump by pressing the up arrow key. Once a egg is grabbed by the Easter Bunny, that egg can be thrown to destroy enemies by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse cursor forward to adjust the speed at which it is thrown. The Easter Bunny is also able to kill enemies by jumping on top of them once they land on the ground.

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As it turns out in the ending of Egg Blast, the Easter Bunny was attempting to save Easter from the attacking forces.