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Egg Blast is a shoot 'em up game released in 2011. The player, as the Easter Bunny, protects chicks from enemies by throwing eggs at them.


  • Left.png Right.png Left and right arrow keys or A and D - Move Easter bunny
  • Up.png Up or W - Jump
  • PC Mouse Left Click Click mouse - Throw an egg
  • E - Switch between eggs


There are 10 levels in Egg Blast. A survival mode is also included in the game, which involves continuous play until the player runs out of Chicks. To complete any of the ten levels in Egg Blast, the player must destroy all enemies and make sure at least one chick on the screen.

Level 1Edit

This level teaches the player the basic manoeuvres of the game, such as moving, jumping and how to throw eggs. Several rotten eggs move from side to side, slowly making their way down the screen. Others may directly descend upon appearing on the screen. white eggs are introduced in this level.

Level 10Edit

In this level the boss called Big rotten egg, will come onto the screen. The orbs circling around the boss can be destroyed by the red or blue egg if the orb is red or blue. The boss will also launch three rotten eggs to attack the chicks as well as shoot ice balls to freeze the Easter Bunny.

After a few orbs are destroyed, the orbs will start to circle the boss faster and once all are destroyed, throw any egg at the boss and it will destroy it. By pressing continue on the message that pops up the ending of egg blast can be seen.


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Ending of egg blast

The ending screen depicts six yellow chicks sitting on six different eggs with the Easter Bunny sitting between them holding a white egg on top of his ears. At the bottom a caption says, " Well done! Easter is safe again!


  • Rotten eggs in grey aircrafts: These will fly in many different patterns to reach the ground. Once they reach the ground they will try to attack Chicks. Hit them with any egg while they are in the air or on the ground will destroy them. Jumping on top of a rotten egg while it is on the ground will destroy.
  • Rotten eggs in red aircrafts: These also act like the previously mentioned enemy but these can only be completely destroyed with a red egg.
  • Blue aircraft rotten eggs: These are also like their red counterpart and can only be destroyed by a blue egg.
  • Foxes: These will move rapidly across the screen and make attempts to avoid eggs. They will shoot ice balls to freeze the Easter Bunny and they take three hits to destroy.
  • Gophers: These move in the same fashion as foxes but will send out bubbles to trap chicks. They also take three hits to destroy and will attempt to avoid eggs.


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