Evil master
Evil Master2
Attack: Throwing orbs at the player
Abilities: Flying
Health: 3 hits from Giant Panda
Points: 200
Introduced in: 20
Game(s): Double Panda

Evil Master is the only boss in the game Double Panda.


The Evil Master is black with a red glow around himself. He has red eyes on his dark grey face and a grey moustache. The Evil Master has small body, red arms, and a black pointed hat. At the bottom of the Evil Master comes black and dark grey vapour.

Game informationEdit

The Evil master appears on level 20. The Evil Master will move left and right at the top of the screen and throw red orbs at Red Panda and Giant Panda. These orbs will take away one heart from the panda.

If Red Panda jumps on top of the Evil Master's head, Red Panda will begin to bounce on the Evil Master's head. If Giant Panda jumps on top of the Evil Master's head, the Evil master will disappear and then reappear where he was previously jumped upon. If the Evil Master is jumped upon by Giant three times, the boss will be destroyed and a window will pop up with the ending of Double Panda in it. The boss gives 200 points upon defeating.


The player must move Red Panda under one of the raised platforms and then switch to Giant Panda. Giant Panda must jump on top of Red Panda and then onto the platforms and keep jumping until Giant Panda is on the top. Wait for the Evil Master to come near then jump on top of him. Repeat that method until the boss is destroyed and make sure to make Red Panda evade the red orbs.