Floppy disks
Flopyy black
A black floppy disc from Slime Laboratory
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Slime Laboratory, Slime Laboratory

Floppy disks are pickups in the game Slime Laboratory and Slime Laboratory 2.


Slime LaboratoryEdit

Floppy disks look like real life floppy discs. They appear to be square with the top right corner piece cut off. They have a small black line near the top left corner with a grey square with a hole cut out next to it. At the bottom of the floppy disc is a white rectangle. The rest of floppy disc will be coloured red, blue, or black.

Slime Laboratory 2Edit

Floppy discs from Slime Laboratory 2 are tilted on their side. The shape of the disks is square with on corner cut off. The front of the floppy disk has a white rectangle placed near the bottom and near the top is a grey rectangle with a piece cut out. The rest of the floppy disk will either be light blue, yellow, or red with the sides of the floppy disk having a darker shade of the colour. The back of the floppy disks will have some white near the bottom and some grey near the top and the rest of it will be light blue, red, or yellow.

Game informationEdit

Slime LaboratoryEdit

Floppy discs are always scattered around levels. Blue and black floppy disks first appear in level one while red floppy discs first appear in level 2. Floppy discs are often put in hard to reach areas or areas with traps or in areas that are not needed to be accessed to complete the level.

Red floppy discs are worth 500 points are less common and are often put on a platform which is right below a laser. Blue floppy disc are the second most common disc and are worth 200 points. Black floppy disc are most common and are the least valuable of all floppy discs being only worth 100 points.

Slime Laboratory 2Edit

Floppy disks are first found in level one and touching a floppy disks will grant the player points. Floppy disks will continually spin and are often found in groups. The most common floppy disks and of least worth is light blue and grants 100 points. Not as common as the blue floppy disks is the red floppy disks that is worth 200 points. Yellow floppy disks are the most rare and are often placed above lasers. They are tworth the most of all floppy disks granting 500 points.