a watermelon
Ability: Grants points
Game(s): Mimelet

Fruits are pickups seen in every level of Mimelet.



Cherries are round and have a green stem poking out of their tops. They are red and glossy.


Oranges appear to look like cherries but are flatter and have a small green stem. They are orange and glossy.


Pears are oval shaped and have a black stem. They are completely green (except for their stem) and also glossy.


Grapes are glossy and made up of many small purple spheres and a green stem stick out of their tops.


Watermelons are shaped like a half circle and has green going around it. Above the green rind is red fruit that has five red seed scattered on it.

Game informationEdit

Fruit appear on different areas of ground or on blocks. Periodically, they give a little bounce on the ground. On later levels, they may be placed on areas not easily within reach of Mimelet. Often they are hidden behind blocks or in hard to reach areas. Fruit are the only object that give points.

Point valuesEdit

When picked up by Mimelet, fruits will increase the player's score. Different fruits are worth a different amount of points, all of which are seen on the first level of the game.

Type Value
Mimelet-fruitapple Cherry 10
Mimelet-fruitorange Orange 20
Mimelet-fruitpear Pear 40
Mimelet-fruitgrape Grape 80
Mimelet-fruitwatermelonWatermelon 170