Giant Panda
Giant panda game
Gender unknown
Faction Good
Health 3 hits
Level All
Game(s) Double Panda

Giant Panda is one of the two main characters in Double Panda.


Giant Panda has two ears, two hands, and two feet that are all black. Giant panda also has white body, a black neck, a white face, black eyebrows, and a black triangle nose. Giant pandas lastly has black around his eyes.

Game informationEdit

Giant Panda can be move by pressing the right and left arrow keys and jump by pressing the up arrow key. Giant Panda posses the abilities to swim and can help Red Panda across water by jumping on it's head. Giant Panda can also be used as a platform to allow Red Panda to get to higher areas. Giant Panda can defeat enemies by jumping on their heads as well as push boxes, and break blocks.