Giant sharks
Attack: slamming into the orange fish
Abilities: pushing down rocks
Introduced in: level 4
Game(s): Little Fins

The giant shark is the boss enemy of Little Fins. It first makes an appearance on level 4.


The giant shark's underbelly is white, light blue and light purple with a dark blue fin visible from the side. The tail is dark blue and crescent-shaped while the dorsal juts out from the middle of its body in a shade of blue similar to the colour of the shark's body. Its eyes appear half-closed, and are white with a black pupil. Four teeth are visible from the player's angle.

Game informationEdit

The giant shark appears as the only enemy in a few levels of Little Fins, its first appearance being in level 4. At the start of the levels they appear in, the giant shark is trying to push down a barrier of rocks to get the orange fish. On the third push, the shark will break the barrier and begin to chase the orange fish. The player's goal is to guide the orange fish to the goal without losing all their lives.

Any contact with the shark causes the fish to be thrust forward, along with losing a heart of health. The shark is able to go through rock and is not affected by any present hazards. Before the goal, a tunnel will be present for the orange fish to swim through that is too small for the shark to access. From there, the orange fish can get to the goal in safety.