Giant slime
Attack: Throwing out slime and slime ghosts
Points: 400
Introduced in: Level 11
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Giant slime is the second (or optional boss if the player accesses bonus level 17) in the game Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


The giant slime's colour changes often but still retains the basic shape of being a spherical glob with a single large eye in the middle of its forehead and a small mouth below it. The first time the giant slime is encountered it is light lime green with its eye being a slightly dark shade. Halfway through the battle the boss's colour changes to a darker turquoise shade with an eye of a darker matching shade and finally to a dull grey with a darker grey eye.

Battle phaseEdit

The giant slime appears only in level 11 occupying the room the level takes place in. The giant slime is seen sitting in a vat of slime, after emerging from it at the start of the level, and will begin to jump up and then plummet down to fling slime onto the player's platform. The giant slime only takes damage when the player stands near the end of the platform and activates the vacuum cleaner whereupon it will change slightly in colour and decrease in size.

After incurring a certain amount of damage, the giant slime will begin to send out three slime ghosts to attack the player instead of slime with the number changing depending on how many slime ghosts are present after each subsequent attack. With further damaging the giant slime, the boss will eventually turn upside down and be defeated granting the player 400 points.


When the giant slime is throwing out slime, there is always a gap where no slime will land which can be determined when the slime descends downward as its path thins out than while it is high in the air. Once all slime has dissipated, it is then best to attack the giant slime. When the giant slime is throwing out slime ghosts, it is best to get rid of one or two of them and then to attack the boss with using the vacuum cleaner to fend off any other slime ghosts till the giant slime attacks again.



  • Unusually, slime ghosts do not grant any points when defeated in the battle between the player and the giant slime.