A standard house
Ability: Holds gems
Game(s): Snow Tale

Houses are interactive objects first introduced in level 2 of Snow Tale.


Houses never appear in groups, and are seen one at a time. They take on three appearances: a house, mushroom, and a tree in the dark snow levels, but serve the same purpose.


The one first visited, in the light and purple snowy settings, looks like a cottage with smoke billowing out of its chimney. Bricks surround its circular windows and a wooden door is seen for the entrance. The interior of the house is mainly plain, with a few tables here and there.


The tree first appears in level 7, along with the dark snowy setting for the game. Unlike the house, it is much taller in size. The trunk is dark coloured and the leaves alternate in a horizontal pattern. The interior of the tree looks the same as the exterior, except the side walls are a slightly different colour.


Mushroom houses appear along side houses. They have a large circular brown roof and a beige cylinder base that is slightly flecked with a darker beige. Inside this house is less detailed. Mushroom houses are slightly taller then houses and they always appear near wild mushrooms.

Game informationEdit

To leave and exit the house, the player must have the penguin stand by the door or opening of it. By pressing the "down" arrow key, the penguin will enter the house. The background will darken to contrast the interior of the house. Pressing the down arrow where the door is located (indicated by dotted lines)

Other than being used to reach the ending pole in level 2, the only sole reason houses, mushrooms, and trees are there is to hold gems that grant the player extra points. They can also be used as a temporary stop from the game, as houses are sometimes located on the same platforms that enemies walk on.



  • Before its release, houses were intended to have enemies and keys in them, allowing for a more level exploration game. They were removed when the developing game became more arcade-style.[1]


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