For ice cream from Graveyard Maniacs, see Pickups (Graveyard Maniacs).
Ice cream
Blue popsicle
a blue Popsicle worth 50 points
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Snow Tale

Ice cream is a pickup in the game Snow Tale.



Popsicle have a a brown stick and appear in the colours green, light blue, red with white, and brown with white.

Ice cream conesEdit

Ice cream cones have a light brown cone and have one white scoop. Another variation has one white scoop and a pink scoop.


Sundaes sit in a blue cup and that has a white spoon sticking into its ice cream that will either be white or yellow. Two strawberries are placed on top of the sundae.

Game informationEdit

Ice cream can only be obtained once the player defeats a enemy or a boss and ice cream appears in all levels. Often a way to get more valuable ice cream is to knock out several enemies at a single time. Bosses will always leave three pieces of ice cream at a single time and they will all be the same type. Ice cream comes in many different forms and the most valuable is a yellow sundae that grants 1000 points.