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Icy Cave is a puzzle-platform game released in 2010. The player's goal is to guide the required number of yetis in the icy caves to houses located at the end of each level.


  • PC Mouse Click and drag left or right - Start yeti moving in left or right direction
  • PC Mouse Left Click Click mouse - Stops yeti
  • F key - Speeds up movement


Icy Cave has twenty levels.


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [Expand] to open.

Ending of icey cave

The ending depicts a yeti staring at a television screen and smiling with a bag of chips next to the yeti. A banner at the top says game complete. A conclusion drawn from this ending is that icy cave was in fact a movie that a yeti was watching.


  • Snow trolls:Snow trolls will move back and fourth in a certain area. If a yeti touches one that yeti will be killed. To defeat a snow troll the player must make the yetis bring a gate or themselves down on the snow troll's head.


  • Icicles: These will fall from the ceiling if a yeti comes a certain distance towards them. If a yeti goes under the icicle, the icicle will fall and kill the yeti. To not get hit by a icicle the player must make the yeti stop near it but not underneath it.
  • Crushers: These will move slowly up and down and whatever gets between them and the floor will be killed.

Interactive ObjectsEdit

  • Switches: To activate a switch a yeti must stand on one and a certain distance away a gate will rise. If the yeti moves off a switch a gate will go back down to the floor.
  • Gates: These will be raised if a yeti sits on a switch. Gates can be used as a weapon as if a snow troll is below one and the gate comes down on its head, the snow troll will be killed.
  • Moving platforms: These move back and fourth in a pattern and are useful for transporting yetis.
  • Air: Air is indicated by blue and white particles. If a yeti walks over air, that yeti will begin to ride the air current up to a certain point.
  • Houses: These always appear in ones and at the end of every level. Once a yeti walks into one that will reduce the number of yetis needed to complete the level.
  • Seesaw: Like real life seesaws, one yeti must start on the bottom platform and one must drop onto the top platform. Then the yeti on the bottom platform will be launched into the air and land on a platform above.
  • Lifts: To use lifts the player must make a yeti stand on one of the platforms and another yeti plus another stand on the other. The platform with less yetis then the other will rise upward.
  • Ice: Once a yeti walks on ice, at first he will walk slow but then speed will increase. When a yeti stops on ice he will slide a bit. If a yeti is going down a icy slope his speed will increase greatly.


  • Gems: Once gems are touched they will either grant 500 or 900 points deepening on the type of gem.