Lightning sparks
Electri enemy
Attack: Makes sparks
Health: 1 hit on head
Game(s): Mimelet

Lightning sparks are enemies first seen in level 11 of Mimelet.


The body of a lightning spark is light grey and bell-shaped. Two small black dots make the eyes. They also have a yellow thunder bolt on the middle their foreheads.

Game informationEdit

As stationary enemies, lightning sparks only attack by making vibration motions on the ground. As they move, sparks form around them. This makes them dangerous to jump on, and causes Mimelet to lose health if done. The lightning sparks attack periodically, allowing a few seconds between as an opportunity for the player to take their power.

Jumping on the lightning spark gives Mimelet the thunder power, allowing him to travel through yellow blocks. This is necessary in some levels, as yellow blocks, in many cases, serve as the only way of reaching enclosed areas, some with the goal flag.