Master Panda
Master Panda
Gender Male
Faction Good
Level Some levels, ending
Game(s) Double Panda

Master Panda is an assisting character in the game Double Panda.


Master Panda wears a light brown pointed hat on top of his square head which his two pale brown ears stick out of. The area around his eyes and part of his face is dark brown, while his arms and legs are a lighter shade of brown. His tail, dangling down from his bottom, is striped with light and dark shades of brown.

Game informationEdit

Master Panda is seen in some levels as the help bubble, assisting the player with the game's controls, and indicating what panda has what power.

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At the end of the game, it is discovered that Master Panda was kidnapped by ninjas and held captive by the only boss in the game. Master Panda was soon freed after Red Panda and Giant Panda defeated the boss.