This article is about the character. For the game, please see Mimelet.

Mimelet without any power
Gender Male[1]
Faction Good[2]
Health 3 lives
Level All
Game(s) Mimelet

Mimelet is the main character in a game of the same name.


Mimelet, when he has no ability, Has pink lips and small black eyes, which remain the same colour for every form. He has two grey arms, legs, and body. On top of Mimelet's head is a small light grey extension.


When Mimelet takes on different forms, his appearance will change as an indication of the power he has obtained.


When Mimelet has the water ability, the small extension on his head is light blue and a light blue bubble is seen floating over it. Mimelet's body is now blue, as well as his arms and legs. Mimelet still has his black eyes and pink lips.


When Mimelet has the grass ability, his body, arms, and legs change to light green. The extension on Mimelet's head also changes to light green and two leaves are seen attached to it. 


When Mimelet has the fire ability, the extension on his head changes to light orange and a small flame is attached to it. Mimelet's body is light orange while Mimelet's lips and eyes remain the same.


When Mimelet has the air ability, his body, arms, and legs are now white.  The extension on Mimelet's head is a white and a misty ball is hovering over it. Mimelet's appearance for his air ability highly resembles his water ability's appearance.


When Mimelet gets the rock ability, his body, arms, and legs change to brown. Hovering over Mimelet's extension is a brown rock that is roughly cut.


When Mimelet has the thunder ability, his body, legs, the extension on top of his head, and arms change to bright yellow. A yellow thunder bolt hovers over the extension on his head. 

Game informationEdit

To move Mimelet left or right the player must press the left and right arrow keys. To make him jump, the up arrow key must be pressed. If Mimelet jumps on top of an enemy's head, that enemy will be temporarily destroyed and Mimelet will receive its ability. Contact with the side of an enemy subtracts health as well as touching a enemy when it is attacking.


Mimelet is able to acquire the powers of other enemies. With them, he can use their powers to guide him throughout the level. But also if Mimelet falls into a area which another ability is needed for he will be destroyed. For example, if Mimelet is in grass form and jumps into water, he will instantly die.

There are 6 powers that Mimelet can gain from enemies :


With the leaf power, Mimelet can jump on leaf blocks. It can be obtained by destroying a plant bulb.


The fire power allows Mimelet to break through pink blocks. It can be obtained by destroying a dragon.


Allows Mimelet to swim through water. This ability can be gained by destroying octopuses.


Allows Mimelet to break brown blocks but it makes him walk slower and he loses his ability to jump at normal height. It can be obtained by destroying walking rocks.


Allows Mimlet to jump farther and higher. Can be obtained by destroying clouds.


Allows Mimelet to go through yellow-orange blocks. Can be obtained by destroying lightning sparks.



  • Mimelet's name is a play on the word mime, meaning to copy. This makes sense as mimelet copies the abilities of his enemies.


  1. Mimelet game description: "Travel with Mimelet through his journey!"
  2. Since the last level involves Mimelet fighting against a dark orbs Mimelet, he is presumed to be good.