The logo as seen on the website.

Neutronized is an Italian game development studio which founded in 2010. The company focuses on making "polished, colorful games with a fun first and goal oriented approach".[1]

Neutronized was first publicly recognized when their game, Sky Island, was featured in Edge Magazine.


Neutronized currently has one known combined artist/programmer, and a separate composer who does the music for a particular game.

Name Role
Gionathan Pesaresi Artist/Programmer
Dave Cowen Musician
Fillipo Vicarelli Musician
Sserrac Musician

Developmental processEdit

Much of the designs for components of a game such as enemies and powerups are done on paper. After much detail has been established through multiple sketches, the component is pixellated and then programmed into the game.

As games are in development, Neutronized sometimes reveals the raw sketches of an upcoming game's components on their Facebook page.[2]


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