Attack: None
Abilities: Grants water power when killed
Introduced in: Level 4
Game(s): Mimelet


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as Mimelet and have a round head and three tentacles.

Most of the octopuses are completely blue except for two light blue spots located on the octopus’s head. On the face of the octopus is two black dots for eyes and a small black line for a mouth.

Other InformationEdit

Octopuses are one of the enemies that do not attack Mimelet and are first found on level 4. Mimelet will lose a life only if he runs into one from the side.

These enemies can be temporarily destroyed when Mimelet jumps on their headn and Mimlet will gain a ability that allows him to swim in water. Octopuses never appear in groups and will respawn after Mimelet goes a certain distance away from where the octopus was and then goes back.