Orange fish
Gender unknown
Faction Good
Health 3 hearts
Level All
Game(s) Little Fins

Orange fish is the main character in Little Fins.


The orange fish has black spherical eyes and pink lips. It has orange scales and a yellow under belly. It has thin orange tail fin, two smaller orange fins attached to it side, and another fin on top of its head.

Game InformationEdit

The Orange fish can swim by pressing and holding the left mouse button and swim if the mouse cursor is put farther ahead. To make the orange fish stop moving, the the left mouse button must not have any pressure on it.

The orange fish can get larger by eating small fish. While big, the orange fish can push rocks out of the way but size will decrease when the orange fish swims. The fish can go through rings and activate them.

The orange fish has three hearts and by touching any enemies or spikes, one heart will be lost. If all hearts are lost the orange fish will begin to turn over that its stomach is facing the top of the screen and a black X shaped marking will appear on its eyes.

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [Expand] to open.

As it turned out in the games ending, the orange fish went on a journey through a coral reef.