This article is about the character, for the interactive object please see Penguins.

Gender Male[1]
Faction Good
Health Three lives
Level All
Game(s) Snow Tale

The penguin is the main character of Snow Tale, also known as the game's "hero".


The penguin has small purple hands and feet. One hand will usually always hold a snowball unless the snowball is thrown. The penguin has a white belly and face with black eyes and pink lips. He has what looks like dark blue ear muffs on the sides of his face. Lastly his back is light blue.

Game informationEdit

The penguin can move right or left by pressing the right and left arrow keys. He can also jump by pressing the up arrow key and double jump by tapping the jump key twice. He carries around a snowball that can be thrown by pressing the space bar that will freeze enemies. Those frozen enemies can be pushed by going up to them and they will knock out other enemies in their path.

If the penguin keeps throwing snowballs at a fast rate , those snowballs will become smaller and will travel a shorter distance when thrown. If the penguin stops throwing snowballs, the snowballs will eventually get back to a bigger size. The penguin can also ground pound by pressing the up arrow key then the down arrow key and can roll by pressing the left or right arrow keys twice.

Though rolling allows the penguin to speed up and smash through ice blocks, it can also be a bit dangerous as the Penguin could dash by accident and this could lead to his death or a loss of a heart.

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As it turns out in the ending of Snow Tale, the penguin went on a journey and was last seen standing outside a house.


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