Plant bulbs are a enemy found in the game Mimelet and are the first enemy encountered by the player. Two types of plant bulbs are found through out the game and below they are listed.

Walking plant bulbsEdit

Walking plant Bulbs
Attack: None
Abilities: Grants leaf power
Game(s): Mimelet


Walking plant bulbs have a round body, two legs , and a leaf exstending out of its head. THe leaf on the walking plant bulbs head is green with a dark green line going through it. The feet of the walking plant bulb is dark green and placed below the walking plant bulb's body. The body of the walking plant bulb is brown with a light brown patch on the enemie's forehead. On the face of the walking plant bulb is two black eyes and a small black dot for the mouth.

Game informationEdit

These enemies will walk back and fourth across platforms and occasionally give a small hop. If Mimelet walks into one from the side, one life will be lost. To destroy walking plant bulbs, Mimelet must jump on their heads and the grass ablity will be gained. With the grass ability Mimelet can now climb grass blocks.

Erupting plant bulbsEdit

Erupting plant bulbs
Left: Dormant Right: Attacking
Attack: Fires seeds
Damage: 1 hit from a seed or player hitting it from a side
Abilities: Grants leaf power
Health: 1 hit from player stomping it
Introduced in: Level 3
Game(s): Mimelet, Super Cat Tales (cameo)


Erupting plant bulbs have a round body with a extension coming out of the top of their heads. The extension is dark green and divided into three small and stubby stalks placed next to each other. The body of the erupting plant bulb is green with dark green marks. On the face of the erupting plant bulb is two white eyes and a red lip.

Game informationEdit

Erupting plant bulbs Unlike walking plant bulbs, remain stationary and instead, shoot two plant seeds out of their heads. The plant seeds will disappear instantly when they land on the ground. If Mimelet is hit with a seed, he will lose a life. To destroy erupting plant bulbs, Mimelet must jump on their heads but this is often dangerous since erupting plant bulbs may attack.

A way to tell if the erupting plant bulb is going to attack is to watch the appearance of the erupting plant bulb. A dormant erupting plant bulb will be rather tall in size and make subtle vertical movements. When the enemy is prepared to erupt, it will make itself narrower. Seconds later, it will make the attack.

Cameos Edit

This enemy makes a cameo being an enemy minion again, firing the lava bombs in Super Cat Tales.