Punk fish
Attack: Chasing the player
Abilities: Swimming
Introduced in: level 2
Game(s): Little Fins

Pufferfishes are enemies in the game Little Fins.


Pufferfishes have white underbellies and pink lips. They have a bit of red near their bellies and some yellow marking on their sides. Except for that the fish is completely black. The puffer fish have two black fins, a black tail fin, and lastly a black fin on top of their heads.

Game InformationEdit

Pufferfishes are first found one level 2 of Little Fins. When pufferfish first see the player, will puff up and chase the orange fish. Pufferfishes can only chase the player up to certain areas and will stop chasing the orange fish if it goes past those areas. If the orange fish touches a pufferfish, one heart will be lost.