Purple slime creatures
Purple ghost
Attack: Spiting goo
Abilities: Sticking to the ceiling
Points: 50
Introduced in: Level 7
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Purple slime creatures are enemies in Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Purple slime creatures have a pale glow surrounding their bodies with two slits on either ends resemble tiny arms. A darker shade of purple outlines their pixel eyes, nose, and a cat-like mouth with a lighter shade of purple covering the rest of their bodies. Lastly, purple slime creatures are always found wedged in a corner of the ceiling giving them a slightly triangular shape.

Game informationEdit

Pure slime creatures are first found in level 7 and are always found on the ceiling wedged into a corner. Purple slime creatures, upon seeing the player, will spit a small glob of purple goo directly towards the player. When sucked into the vacuum cleaner, they burst into clumps of purple goo and grant the player 50 points with the goo falling on the ground. The goo that is both spat by purple slime creates and appears when they die will both harm the player upon contact and eventually disappear with the player being able to speed up this process with the vacuum cleaner.