Red Panda
Red panda game
Gender Unknown
Faction Good
Health 3 hearts
Level all
Game(s) Double Panda

Red Panda is one of the two main characters in the game Double Panda.


Red panda bears many similarities with real life red pandas. Red panda has a orange tail with white on the tip, two orange hands, and two orange feet. Red panda has two ears with white in sides connecting to a rectangle shaped head.

Half of the bottom part of red pandas face is white and on that part are two black eyes, a black nose, mouth, and red cheeks. Lastly red panda has white on its stomach.

Game informationEdit

Red panda, when not controlled, is seen meditating. When controlled the player can press the right and left arrows keys to move and the up arrow key to jump. Red panda can climb bamboo trees, activate levers, walk on wires, and pick up items dropped by enemies.

If Red Panda touches a enemy, one heart will be lost. Though unable to kill enemies, red panda can jump on top of them and not sustain any damage. If red panda touches water, all three hearts will be lost since Red Panda dose not know how to swim. Red panda can jump on top of Giant Panda and use giant panda as a box to get to new areas.