Red archers
Red ninja
Attack: Shooting arrows
Abilities: Using a bow and arrow
Health: 1 hit on head
Points: 150
Introduced in: level 6
Game(s): Double Panda

Red archers are enemies in the game Double Panda.


Red archers wear grey body armour and a red helmet with two gold semi-circles slightly spread apart on their helmet. They have red eyes and black skin. Red archers also hold a bow in one hand and they also wear red gloves.

Game informationEdit

Red archers first appear on level 6 of Double Panda. Once a red archer catches sight of Red Panda or Giant Panda, they will shoot an arrow at them. Often, they are seen on elevated areas, unable to be killed by Giant Panda.

If Giant Panda is capable of killing one, however, red archers can shoot arrows straight upwards, hurting the panda on contact. Because of this, red archers are considered the most deadliest enemy. When a red archer is killed, 150 points will be added to the player's score.