Sand rays
Sand ray
Attack: Running into the player
Abilities: swimming and blending into sand
Introduced in: level 5
Game(s): Little Fins

Sand rays are enemies in the game Little Fins.


Sand rays have yellow underbellies and black eyes. They have pink lips and two thin brown fins on either side of their face. They have a fin on top of their head and a short cylindrical brown tail. The top half of the sand ray is brown and white flecked.

Game informationEdit

Sand rays are not encountered very much in Little Fins as they first appear on level 5 . Sand rays are always found in the sand which the blend in perfectly with. Sand rays can always be located in the sand because they always have their fin on top of their head sticking out.

When the orange fish swims over a sand ray, that enemy will get up and chase the orange fish. Sand rays will only chase the player up to a certain area then they will turn around and return to hiding in the sand.