Red ski head2
A red skier
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Skiers are an interactive object in Hoop and Pop.


Skiers are pale skinned and have black eyes. They wear pants and shoes of dark blue and a light blue shirt. They will wear a hat of orange, red, blue or brown and have a scarf matching their hats. They will also have gloves of the same colour and hold black ski poles.

Game informationEdit

Skiers first appear on level 1 of the sport cups. Skiers will come from the top of the screen and slowly go down. Once they are at the bottom of the screen they will turn either left or right then disappear of the screen. The player must circle 20 of them to beat level 1 of the sports cup section. To pop the skiers the player must circle two or more skiers of the same type. Points will be given the to the player in the hundreds for how many skiers they popped for example: two skiers are circled and both grant two hundred points.