Slime vat
a pool of slime
Damage: One bar of health or instant death
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Slime is a hazard in the game Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Slime comes in four types being slime pools, which are a lime green liquid who's surface will occasionally have waves; green slime, which is much brighter then slime from slime pools and comes in round lumps of varying sizes; yellow slime, which comes in small bright yellow lumps; and purple slime, which is the same shape as yellow slime but slightly larger and purple.

Game informationEdit

Coloured slime GSMP

All three kinds of coloured slime

Slime comes in four different types: slime pools, green slime, purple slime, and yellow slime. All kinds of slime will harm the owner upon contact with slime pools instantly killing the owner. Green slime, purple slime, and yellow come from slime ghosts, purple slime creatures, and yellow slugs, respectively. In contrast to slime pools, which are permanent, the other types of slime will eventually dissipate which can be sped up by the vacuum cleaner.

Another difference between the coloured slimes and slime pools is that coloured slime is dropped by defeating enemies (in the case of purple and yellow slime) or by ghosts on occasions (in the case of green slime). Slime pools appear in between platforms from levels 7-11 while the other kinds of slime only appear in the levels their respective enemies appear in.