Slimey boy!
Gender unknown
Faction good
Health 1 hit from any hazard or is stretched to much
Level all
Game(s) Slime Laboratory series

Slime is the main character in the game Slime Laboratory and its sequel, Slime Laboratory 2.


Slime is bright green and has two black eyes. Slime ranges in size and shape.

Game informationEdit

Slime LaboratoryEdit

Slime posses several ability one of which is the ability to absorb bits of slime to become bigger. Slime can absorb three bits of slime and reach the maximum size it can be which allows it to become bigger, jump higher, and push over wall. Though once it absorbs at least on bit of slime it can do all these things except jump though absorbing more slime enhances Slime's abilities.

Slime can also crouch and be able to go through small areas and stretch, though stretching can also destroy Slime. If Slime goes into a separator it causes it to get separated into two halves which each have on eye. Those halves can jump as well as crouch but cannot move independently.

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Slime was last seen escaping Slime Laboratory and flying into the distance.

Slime Laboratory 2Edit

Following the events in Slime Laboratory, Slime lands in a genetic Laboratory. Slime behaves exactly the same as in Slime Laboratory but with a few changes: Slime leaves green goo on the areas Slime walks on and, in level 2, Slime gains a mouth by absorbing liquid from a overturned can. Slime's tongue can preform certain functions and will automatically touch a object it can interact with such as touching buttons or grab enemies.

Cameos Edit