Slime ghosts
Green ghosts
Attack: Dashing at the player
Points: 50
Introduced in: Level 7
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Slime ghosts are enemies in the game Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Slime ghosts have a circular-shaped body with two curved arms dangling loosely at their sides and are predominately a pale green shade. Their eyes and mouth are a darker shade of green, with bulges over the eyelids and puffed out cheeks while their body radiates a pale green glow. Lastly, dotting the surface of the top of their heads, are several yellow spots of varying sizes placed somewhat uniformly in a curve.

Game informationEdit

Slime ghosts first appear on level 7 and are usually seen in groups of two or three in the same area. The movement of slime ghosts is more sluggish than pale ghosts, and as they move, they will occasionally drop globs of green slime on the floor. This slime takes more time to disappear than slime that the purple slime creatures and yellow slugs leave and will harm the player upon contact.

When slime ghosts see the player, they will briefly stop moving before dashing towards them with not even the vacuum cleaner's suction stopping them. In general, slime ghosts tend to be more resistant to the suction of the vacuum cleaner and can often easily escape with the player having the best results trying to capture a slime ghost at close range. Upon being destroyed, slime ghost grant 50 points.