Black snail yellow shell2
a black snail with a yellow shell
Ability: Granting points
Game(s): Hoop and Pop

Snails are interactive objects in Hoop and Pop.


Snails have cylindercle bodies and black eyes that are on top of tall extensions. Snails have black, green, brown, or purple skin. At the bottom of the snail's round shell is a strip of white. The snail's shell has a spiral pattern on it and comes in the colours yellow, blue, green, or red.

Game informationEdit

Snails appear on level five of the animal cup. Snails come from the right or left side of the screen and will slowly move across the screen and disappear on the other side. Sometimes snails will retract into their shells for a certain amount of time. Since the player has to match snails with the same colour of skin and not the same colour of shell, snails retracting into there shells this can lead to confusion. Depending on the number circled, snails will always grant points in the hundreds. For example: three green snails all having a blue shell are circled and each grant 300 points.



  • Snails are the only object in Hoop and Pop that have sixteen different variations.