This is the article for the character, for the object see Spaceships

Faction Good
Level All
Game(s) Ray Quest

The Spaceship is the main character in Ray Quest.


The Spaceship is completely red except for its blue glass window visible from the front. Behind the ship is two red triangle like objects. It has two red wings on either side of it that are shaped like rectangles.

Game InformationEdit

The Spaceship is controlled with the arrow keys and it can move up, down, left, or right by pressing the respective keys. At the start of the level, it appears at the bottom of the screen, but can be moved around. The Spaceship's rate of firing bullets (speed), how much damage it inflicts (attack), and how much damage the ship can withstand (health) can be increased via collecting particles dropped by destroyed enemy ships.

The Spaceship's mission is to help four planets[1] . The Spaceship can reach level 25 (after destroying the final boss multiple time to get particles) and go no further. At level twenty-five, the Spaceship will have 99 health, be able to shoot two white bullets and two blue bullets, and fire bullets at a speed of one second per shot.


  1. Game description: Ray Quest - "Four different 3D planets are waiting for your help!"