the pink variation of the squirrels
Ability: Granting 500 points
Game(s): Dream Tower

Squirrels are interactive objects in Dream Tower.


Pink squirrelsEdit

Pink squirrels have a bushy curled tail, two feet, two hands, and two ears. They have black eyes and mouth and a white heart shape on their forehead. They also have white on the tip of their tails and white cheeks. The rest of their body is pale pink.

Yellow squirrelsEdit

Yellow squirrels are about the same size as pink squirrels but are completely light yellow. Yellow squirrels have two arms, two legs, a round body, and a bushy tail with white on the tip. On the Yellow squirrel’s face is two black eyes, a black mouth, two white cheeks, and a small white stripe. On either side of the white stripe is two cat like ears that have red insides.

Green squirrelsEdit

Green squirrels are slightly taller then pink squirrels and are bright green. They have two green ears with red insides, two arms, and two legs that are also green. They have a bushy tail that has some white on the tip. The green squirrels have a white stripe between their ears and white cheeks. Lastly they posses black eyes and a black mouth.

Game informationEdit

Squirrels are always found trapped in cages. To free a squirrels the Blue squirrel must ground pound on the cage. This will release the squirrel that will jump of the tower with a parachute and gain the player 500 points. Squirrels are often hidden around the tower and sometimes it takes great effort to reach them. Often squirrels are placed close to a pile of gems or rings.