Sun scale
Suns Scale
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health Three hearts
Level All
Game(s) Sky Island
The sun scale is the main character of Sky Island.


The sun scale is 2d as seen whenever the player changes the prespective . He is bright yellow and has two arms and two legs. He has black eyes, a red mouth, and a dark yellow nose. He also has a eye shaped marking on his forehead and a point on top of his head.

Game InformationEdit

The sun scale can move by pressing the right or left arrow keys. He can jump by pressing the up arrow key. When jumping it is possible to turn the screen and allow him to get onto a higher platform. If he touches a enemy, one heart will be lost. If he falls off the screen all hearts will be lost.

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As it turned out at the end of the game, the sun scale came from the sun but he had come to a place to retrieve all the stolen stars. Along the way of finding the stolen stars he defeated the dark souls.