Sword ninjas
Sword ninja2
Attack: Jabbing the player with a sword
Abilities: Knowing how to use a sword
Health: 1 hit on the head from Giant Panda
Points: 100
Introduced in: level 2
Game(s): Double Panda

Sword ninjas are enemies in the game Double Panda.


Sword ninjas wear a blue helmet with grey u shaped object on it. They have black skin and red eyes and wear dark grey body armour. They wear blue gloves and one hand holds a sword that has a green hilt and a light and dark green blade.

Game informationEdit

Sword ninjas first appear on level two of Double Panda. Once a sword ninja catches sight of Red Panda or Giant Panda, they will jab at them and slide forward. This attack can be avoided by jumping but if it isn't avoided, one heart will be lost from the panda that touches it. The pandas can also lose one heart if they to the sword ninja any place except its head.

To destroy a sword ninja, the player must make Giant Panda jump on its head and 100 points will be gained. If Red Panda jumps on a sword ninjas head, Red Panda will bounce off it which is useful if the player is trying to get to a higher area.