Teleporting red ghosts
Teleporting ghosts
The two varations of teleporting ghosts
Attack: Making balls hit the player
Abilities: Teleporting and floating
Points: 20
Introduced in: Level 12
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Teleporting ghosts are enemies in the game Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Red variationEdit

Teleporting red ghosts have a black horizontal diamond shape body with red circle that has a plus sign on it placed in the center of their head. Below the circle is the ghost's mouth that is orange with two black teeth and, on either side of its mouth, is a red line and orange dot indicating the ghost's cheeks. Lastly, teleporting red ghosts radiate a black glow and have a dark red spherical orb chasing them.

Blue variationEdit

Teleporting blue ghosts have a black vertical diamond shaped body with a grey circle containing an blue minus sign placed in the center of its head. Beneath the circle is the eyes of the teleporting ghost that consist of a blue line with a purplish-blue dot underneath and a purplish-blue mouth with two black teeth placed beneath the ghost's eyes. Lastly, teleporting blue ghosts radiate a black glow and have a dark blue spherical orb chasing them.

Game informationEdit

Teleporting ghosts first appear in level 12 and come in two different colour variations that behave the same. Teleporting ghost always appear with a coloured orb and do not directly attack the player but instead will teleport behind the player so that the coloured orb, which is attracted to them, will hit the player as it moves towards the ghost. Teleporting ghosts will teleport whenever they see the player or at instances when they encounter the vacuum's suction making them difficult to destroy. When destroyed, teleporting ghosts will give the player 20 points.


  • The variations of teleporting ghosts appear to be designed to contrast with being red and blue often considered opposing colours, having plus and minus signs which are the inverses of each other, and being the same shape but with one being horizontal and one being vertical.