Walking Rock
Attack: None
Introduced in: Level 7
Game(s): Mimelet

Walking Rocks are enemies first introduced in level 7 of Mimelet.


Walking rocks have diamond shaped bodies and two feet. The feet of the walking rocks are dark red and shaped like half circles. The body of the walking rock is a mixture of light and dark brown. On the face of the walking rocks is a dark brown mouth, two dark brown eyes, and two dark eyebrows above the eyes.

Game informationEdit

Walking rocks are first found on level seven of Mimelet. Walking rocks will slowly walk across the platforms they are on and waddle as they walk. If Mimelet touches a walking rock on anywhere except the head, a life will be lost. To destroy a walking rock, Mimelet must jump on the enemies head and once destroyed the rock ablity will be gained by Mimelet. With the stone ability Mimelet can now destroy brown blocks by jumping on it.