Yellow slugs
Yellow slug GSMP
Points: 20
Introduced in: Level 8
Game(s): Ghosts Stole My Puppy

Yellow slugs are enemies in Ghosts Stole My Puppy.


Yellow slugs have a semicircle shaped body with one visible plain golden eye placed near the bottom of its form. Yellow slugs radiate a pale yellow glow with some golden flecks visible at the back of their bodies. Lastly, and as their name suggests, the rest of the slug is a bright yellow.

Game informationEdit

Yellow slugs first appear on level 8 and move by crawling. Yellow slugs are frequently found in groups of three and five and, unlike most enemies, do not try to attack the player. When yellow slugs come in contact with the vacuum cleaners suction, slime will begin to fly off the them with their destruction resulting in an explosion, a pile of yellow slime left over a small area, and the player gaining 20 points. The slime residue remains on the floor for a few seconds before disappears, making it safe for the owner to walk on it again. To avoid getting harmed by the yellow slug's slime, it is best to vacuum them from a distance, move back if the slug moves toward the player, and stand on an elevated platform if possible.